Word of the Week – “Budtender”

Budtender – Noun.  An employee who assists customers buying cannabis (medical or adult-use) at a retail store/dispensary.  The budtender helps a customer select the best strain, amount, and delivery method for what they are looking for.

Still confused about what a budtender is?  Think of a bartender serving alcohol – just substitute pot for liquor, and instead of someone who can’t tell you the difference between Jack Daniel’s and Pappy Van Winkle, a budtender generally is going to be quite knowledgeable about which strains are best suited for what ails you.

The earliest reference to “budtender” that I could find was a High Times article from March of 2000 detailing the history of the Cannabis Cup, but the term has only gained mainstream prevalence in the last few years.  We’ve come a long way – there is even a “Budtender Society.”  Who knew?

thatsgoodweed: Budtender (n);        The person at a medical marijuana “dispensary,” or “clinic,” who tends to the patients’ medicinal needs. He/she works with you and helps you decide what will be the ideal medicine for you to purchase, and in what quantity.          These are also some of the luckiest motherfuckers on the face of the earth. Despite that, you should still tip them as heavily as you can possibly afford to. via Urban Dictionary