2017 Predictions – One step forward, half step back

The best part about New Years predictions is no one ever remembers failed predictions.  People only remember 1-in-a-billion guesses like the ones that accurately predicted the Cubs winning the World Series (and accompanying apocalypse).

Despite this, I will take my shot at predicting what 2017 will bring to the world of cannabis:

  1. Attorney General-to-be Jeff Sessions will come out to be a closet cannabis user.  I make this prediction purely because if I am correct, I could end up on Real Time with Bill Maher!
  2. More likely, Jeff Sessions will annoy and instill fear, but not destroy, the cannabis industry as we know it.
  3. Maybe, just maybe, the U.S. Congress will muster a majority in both chambers to fix the cannabis banking problem.
  4. The DEA will continue to defy Congressional mandates by shutting down medical cannabis businesses in California and Michigan, drawing more smack-downs of the DEA in federal court.
  5. Cannabis oil-based Epidiolex will be approved by the FDA for Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut, simultaneously marking a significant step in cannabis research while also highlighting how far we are from FDA-approved cannabis for the vast majority of the country.
  6. Pennsylvania will close a competitive merit-based selection process, and Florida will grow into a much bigger medical cannabis program than most expect.  Hawaii and Maryland will find a way past ongoing delays and litigation and see initial medical cannabis sales.  Nevada will be the first of the new recreational use states to get off the ground, and California will struggle just to organize its medical program – let alone recreational-use.
  7. Texas will be Texas – keep an eye on it.
  8. Cannabis consolidation will continue – will we see the first $1 billion cannabis company?
  9. Some Southeastern state will outlaw cannabis use on a hoverboard and/or while flying a drone (Kidding/not-kidding?).
  10. No one will die from cannabis, hundreds of thousands of people will find pain relief from its use, and millions will still believe it to be a “Gateway Drug.”

What are your predictions for pot in 2017?? 

2 thoughts on “2017 Predictions – One step forward, half step back

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    Bill Monroe - January 9, 2017

    Hello Bob. My predictions for the Florida market place

    1. Senator Jeff Brandes will shrink from introducing a “free Market” cannabis bill for the spring session. Bradley has had his little talk with Mr. Brandes.
    2. The Florida Tiger Bay Clubs will continue to believe cannabis is evil and provide Dr. Jennifer Spencer with a platform. Misery loves company.
    3. Governor Rick Scott will ensure that entrepreneurs are kept at bay, while protecting his cronies.
    4. We will see Bob Morgan in Florida. 🙂 Welcome Bob, see you in the halls of Tallahassee.
    5. House Leader Richard Corcoran and Senate Lead Joe Negron will obtain medical marijuana cards post the spring session. They will need it.
    6. The cannabis program will be implemented, and years later our youth will wonder what the fuss was all about.

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    Bob - January 9, 2017

    Thanks for the comment, Bill – definitely looking forward to seeing you in Florida, and thanks for the work you’ve already done there!

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